Albetrage's mission is to put power in the hands of the bettors, eliminating exploitation.

Worlds best odds

We offer the biggest odds in the world, no comparison. We also don't reduce our odds like other betting platforms, when they reduce their odds, we increase ours to create an arbitrage.

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Carefully Planned

We want to use cryptocurrency to disrupt the existing model of betting, an industry that worths over $449.3 billion. We want to empower the bettors, so that they can bet with confidence of winning.

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ATE Token can be stored on wallet or on any TRC-20 compatible wallet like Tronlink, Safepal, etc. It can easily be transferred locally and internationally without interference.

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End of exploitative betting.

Bettors today are always on the look out for where they will make profits, but we all know that most end up losing their money, the few that manage to win big, ends up penalised by the betting platforms through limiting their accounts or closing them all together. Most betting platforms never expected you to really win big, they promise huge payouts but makes it hard for you to achieve. Put it like this, they exploits you, eat the fattest cow and sometimes give you scraps to eat. All that is about to change, we want to put power in your hands, you can actually make winning a habit.

Some of our Features


Albetrage was built around protecting our users' privacy. we are not interested in your identity, we only want to see you win.


We have one of the best user interface, making it easier for our users to navigate.


We offer the biggest odds in the world, we don't reduce our odds like others, we increase it to match their reduction.


Albetrage makes use of ATE Token, which enable faster transactions and break regional restrictions that associates with fiat payment.


Bettors pay the lowest fees you can get anywhere, you can keep 99.99% of your winnings.


Albetrage platform has well trained customer relationship officers, readily available to help you resolves any issue.

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Quick Fun Facts

About Team and Partners

Albetrage team are made up of 13 tired punters from 3 countries and 7 blockchain advisors and consultants. We all had one thing in common, we were tired of losing money on betting platforms. We were motivated to end the misery of many punters all over the world. We wanted to create a platform where everybody can bet with confidence of winning. After months of communicating and brainstorming, Albetrage came to life.

Albetrage was created out of frustration with the betting industry and their layers of exploitation and manipulation. They have mastered the art of using odds to confuse and manupulate bettors, indirectly making bettors to chose what they (the bookies) wants them to chose. They set their odds in a way that they can tell what you are going to bet on. They know you are going to lose majority of your bets.

We became aware of the daunting tasks before us after our very first meeting, we know that the responsibility of running albetrage platform will be too demanding even for the most experienced professionals. We decided to take on partners to lighten the workload, lessen our financial burdens and improve the overall quality of our services and reputation. Our very first partner is and we're talking with many other startups.

About Platform

Albetrage was developed with the aim of distrupting the betting industry using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The betting industry today is not just broken, but also exploitative. They operates on promises of making bettors rich, but use every trick in their book to confuse and manupulate customers, making them to lose more than they gain. We believe that betting can actually be a source of income for both the bookies and the bettors.

Albetrage will put power in the hands of the bettors, eliminating exploitations. It will achieve this by fostering a self-sustaining platform where everybody can bet with confidence of winning. It will provide the wider global community with ways to bet on sport, that will enable both the bookies and bettors to share betting revenue proportionately. It eases a complete shift in the area of sport betting by taking away absolute power from the bookies.

The whole business of online bookmaking is designed to make profits for the gambling companies and not the bettors. Bookmakers set their odds in their favor, they doesn't intentionally create arbs opportunity except in few occasions. They tend to set their initial odds based on their views of what they think will happen in an event, so it is perfectly possible that two bookmakers will set different odds if they have different opinions about how an event is likely to turn out. If their opinions are different enough that there is a significant disparity in the odds that they offer, then an arbitrage opportunity may well exist.


I quited betting a long time ago after losing lots of money, but with albetrage, i can confidently bet now, i can't wait to recover back all the money that i lost.
Bryan Noble Formal Punter
Honestly am excited, cos i have tried many ways to beat the bookies, even doing permutations but still, i ends up losing more than i gain, With albetrage, the bookies are in trouble.
Rick Kol Bet Addict
I have seen a lot of blockchain innovations that tends to disrupt some industries, but i have never seen anything like this before, this guys are genius.
Jorge Lee Ceo Jorgy Sports

About ATE Token

What it is

ATE Token is the fuel of the Albetrage's platform, it is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency powered by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to nourish the connection between blockchain and betting. Ate token will help Albetrage to break the barrier of location which has been a major hindrance to many bettors all over the world. It can be transfered peer to peer without interference and easily traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Token distribution

Airdrop and Bounty




Team and Advicers


Marketing and Adoption



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It will provide the wider global community with ways to bet in sport, that will enable both the bookies and bettors to share betting revenue proportionately.
Betting has brought a great deal of wealth to the world, but it hasn’t resulted in shared prosperity. Albetrage platform eases a complete shift in the area of sport betting.

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